Gallery - Exploring quantum enigmas

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Quantum physics is the fundamental explanation of how physical matter is created and behaves at the subatomic scale. It is the basis for the explanation of the scheme of things in our universe. Quantum physics, however, is at odds with our usual experience of physical reality. Since 2010 I have been making artwork about how the quantum world challenges our assumptions about the physical reality we inhabit.

Why can’t we see things spread out in a wavefunction or in superposition? Why is this wavefunction apparently "collapsed" by our conscious choice of how and what to measure? Contrary to what quantum physics suggests, why do we perceive the world as independent elements separated by space and in the main, uninfluenced by other objects? 


Kevin wondered if the moon was there when he wasn't looking, 2011 - 2012, oil on board, media player, metal box, video



Dribblejuice, 2012, oil on board, inkjet print on paper and cloth, mirror viewfinder, LED sensor light, chair