Gallery - Two Mars bars and the love note from Robert Smeets exhibition February 2014

Images and opening night photos from my final PhD exhibition for examination held in the Webb Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane, 5 - 12 February 2014

Thank you to Renata Busiak for the opening night photographs.

These images are protected by Australian and international copyright. Please contact me to use. 


Two Mars bars and the love note from Robert Smeets

This exhibition involved interactive artworks some of which provided events of quantum superpostion. Viewers were invited to use only their consciousness to test their certainty (or otherwise) of objective, mind-independent reality.



The Mind Lamp project 2012 - 2013, Psyleron Enterprise's electron tunnelling device, lamp shade, metal articulated arm, lenticular prints (106.5 x 81 cm), digital video (2:23 min), monitor, plastic fish, banana, shelf, jacket, dimensions variable





My father's girlfriends - parallel alternatives 2012 - 2013, oil on board, digital video (9:11min), dimensions variable





The Mind Dispenser 2013 - 2014, oil on board, Geiger counter, flourescent wrist watch arms, microprocessor, motor drivers, optival detectors, wire, connecting board, pull type solenoids, plastic augers, metal and plastic lolly drop receiver, power supply, Perspex, Gobstoppers. This is a collaborative project with Anderson Tepas and Professor Steve O'Keefe of Griffith University, Electronics and Electrical Engineering. 



In another universe, my mother gave me the two Mars bars and the love note from Robert Smeets 1993 - 2013, pastel on paper, award sash, oil on canvas, two Mars bars, pen on paper, plastic toy rocket ship, glass jar, glass vase, wooden cupboard, 96.5 x 180.5 x 13 cm




 The superposition of Neville's brain - also known as Wigner's friend 2010 - 2013, oil on canvas and board, electrical wires, metal box (11 x 20 x 16cm), media player, video (8:35 min), approximate installed dimensions: 89 x 120 x 16cm




Dribblejuice 2010 - 2012, oil on board, inkjet print on cotton, viewing mirror, LED sensor light, chair, dimensions variable



A reminder of nows 2012, oil on board, digital video (3:38 min), media player, 63 x 26 x 4cm




Metaphase Typewriter revival project 2012, Geiger counter, gas lamp mantle, wooden box, laptop, computer program, Perspex cover, dimensions variable. This was a collaborative project with M U Shrooms. With thanks also to physicist and legend, Nick Herbert. 


The dynamic relationship between observation and creation (Space Invaders) and (Qix), both 2013, oil on canvas



Kevin wondered if the moon was there when he wasn't looking 2010 - 2012, oil on board, digital video, media player, metal box




Webb Gallery exhibition install shots